My Mission


My mission is to use the passion, spiritual gifts and psychological insights that God has given me to help and serve others. Since struggling through depression and trauma as an adolescent, I have dedicated myself to understanding people (human motivation) and ways of healing from trauma (emotional wounds and fears). I see my self as a “Wounded Healer,” (See Henri Nouwen’s book) making use of my own trauma and healing to help others. It is a blessing for me when I know that I am being used to help individuals, couples and families learn to better cope and relate to one another. I have recognized that it is my responsibility to focus on my relationship with God and my ongoing process of healing and maturing. I encourage my clients to recognize their own responsibility to focus on their healing and maturing. As my ability to receive God’s love and grace grows, I am better able to love myself and be a vessel of God’s love and grace for other people. I encourage my clients to recognize their need to receive and to give love. I am seeking to more fully embrace and live out of my True Self and to face and release my False Self and Shadow and I encourage others to do the same. Please don’t think that I am saying that I have “arrived” or figured out life and that I have finished learning and growing. I have worked hard and traveled this road long enough to be able to help a few others along the journey.

My training, experience and insight enables me to provide a thorough mental health assessment for a wide variety of people. It also allows me to help others not only heal but also learn and grow and mature. We all have been hurt or wounded and we struggle to see ourselves through God’s gracious and merciful eyes. My goal is to help others learn to receive God’s grace, mercy and love; learn to face their own False Self and empower them to embrace and live out of their True Self. It is also my goal to help people become more conscious of their needs and emotions and to teach them how to express their unmet needs and emotions in a healthy non-aggressive way. This will help improve personal communication, relationships and over all well-being.

For an in depth explanation of the concepts of “True Self” and “False Self,”  I refer you the writings of Fr. Richard Rohr. Richard Rohr is a Franciscan Priest, teacher and author and the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.